Monday, June 18, 2012

Does Your NBC Station Need MediaOffice Help?

As of today, current MediaOffice inventories at NBC stations list more than 120 Prime and OTO/Specials lines, not including Olympics.  In just the past three days, NBC has announced more than fifty program changes including “sneak peaks”, premieres, the new fall season’s staggered opening plus post-Olympic prime.  Most traffic departments we’ve worked with are too busy keeping up with last-minute programming and client changes to update the local sales team on every future NBC programming announcement. 

May 2012 Sweeps data is arriving now, and will be used to negotiate a large percentage of the remaining revenue in 2012.

Chances are, stations are looking ahead towards the most demanding 4th Quarter budget ever.

But if an NBC station doesn’t have a Research Director,  their sales team is probably on the street or creating a proposal right now with old programming information, selling thousands of dollars of spots in programs that will not air and using out-of-date, potentially inaccurate audience estimates to guarantee GRP delivery.

At some of these stations, salespeople must create their own estimates, with the temptation of promising high GRP levels to get sales now while generating significant make-good liabilities for the station’s future.

It’s nearly impossible to find a full-time RD with any TV experience at the kind of money most stations can pay, even if you could get a budget for a new full-time position from the corporate bean-counters.

The professionals at have been serving TV stations’ audience research needs for more than 25 years.  Our experience tells us there are women and men in positions of local revenue responsibility at TV stations who feel there is simply no local solution to this problem.

But now, NBC stations using MediaOffice can out-source these vital functions to research industry veterans who work exclusively with NBC stations using MediaOffice @

From our state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, constantly monitors NBC programming changes via authorized, full APT access; remotely updating our clients’ NBC inventory within MediaOffice on a daily basis.  Each time NBC makes a significant change, we notify our clients via email as well as through this website:   Once inventory listings are updated, experts fine-tune each program’s audience estimates within MediaOffice Selling Books, and updated planners are made available to client sales teams. 

Our client list has included Hearst, Sunbelt, ComCorp, Raycom, Hubbard, Sarkes Tarzian, Granite and others in diary and metered markets.  We’ve provided outsourced RD services through OneDomain to as many as 13 TV stations at the same time, but we now focus on partnerships serving the long-term needs of professional broadcasters, like Ralph Flynn.

"I think your work looks great! We are using the estimates in negotiations with agencies and finding them well received. The salespeople.. see the great benefit in all this. We now have estimates and programming information that simply outclasses everyone in our market!! This is top 10 market information in the 86th market!!" - Ralph Flynn General Sales Manager WRCB TV NBC Chattanooga, TN

Our low long-term rates reflect our commitment to such broadcasters.   We’re cheaper than a part-time sales assistant yet we’ll be the “best RD you’ll never hire.”

Your first step to getting a quote for our service is to go here, or give us a call @ 702.354.9986.

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