Friday, February 26, 2010

NHL Teams for 3/14

Posted: 02/26/2010 11:05:20 AM
Air Date: 03/14/2010 Sunday
Start Time: 12:30:00 PM [ET]
Duration: 02:30:00
Type: Announcements
Message: NHL teams announced for Sunday March 14, 2010: Washington @ Chicago. Please see updated contingencies

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

USA Hockey Live on NBC Friday 3p ET

Posted: 02/24/2010 06:24:40 PM
Type: Announcements
Message: Friday, February 26: The USA Hockey Game will be LIVE to ALL STATIONS at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT. Details for all other programming to follow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3/7 NHL: Redwings @ Blackhawks

Air Date: 03/07/2010 Sunday
Start Time: 12:30:00 PM [ET]
Duration: 02:30:00
Type: Announcements
Message: NHL teams announced for Sunday March 7, 2010: Detroit @ Chicago

Monday, February 22, 2010

Leno's Guest List Next Week: Olympians & Sarah Palin

From The New York Times:

February 22, 2010, 1:20 pm
Leno’s Guest List to Include Palin, Vonn and ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast

Jay Leno will return to “The Tonight Show” next Monday with a guest list loaded with names intended to bring back the kind of audience lead he enjoyed on the NBC show before his ill-fated side trip to prime time.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, will appear on Mr. Leno’s second night back. It will be her first interview on a late-night talk show, and it will be on the one that happens to compete with David Letterman, with whom she has engaged in a long-standing feud.

Mr. Leno will have the skiing star Lindsey Vonn on his first night back, followed by the cast of “Jersey Shore” on Wednesday. His second-week guests include Simon Cowell and Kim Kardashian.

The full list for the first two weeks:

Monday, March 1 – Guests include Jamie Foxx, the Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and a musical performance by Brad Paisley

Tuesday, March 2 – Guests include Sarah Palin, the Olympic snowboarder Shaun White

Wednesday, March 3 – “Jaywalk All-Stars” with the cast of “Jersey Shore,” Chelsea Handler, speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and a musical performance by Avril Lavigne

Thursday, March 4 – Guests include Matthew McConaughey and Jason Reitman

Friday, March 5 – Guests include Morgan Freeman and Meredith Vieira

Monday, March 8 – Guests include Simon Cowell

Tuesday, March 9 – Guests include Christoph Waltz, the animal expert Dave Salmoni and a musical performance by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Wednesday, March 10 – Guests include Kristen Stewart and Guy Fieri

Thursday, March 11 – Guests include Dana Carvey and Kim Kardashian, with a musical performance by Colbie Caillat

Friday, March 12 – Guests include Dakota Fanning and Judd Apatow

2 Hour SVU Next Wednesday Night

Posted: 02/22/2010 02:23:09 PM
Air Date: 03/03/2010 Wednesday
Start Time: 09:00:00 PM [ET]
Duration: 01:59:30
Type: Program Change
Message: LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT is booked (was prev sked as (2) 1-hr episodes). Please note: This booking overrides all previously issued bookings, formats, and details. Please see individual air date for updated information.

Inventory and Estimates for RDRx NBC clients have been updated already. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SpotsNDots: NBC Using Arbitron PPM for Olympic Audience Measurement

NBC has hired six different research firms, including
Nielsen, Arbitron and Integrated Media Marketing
(IMMI) to keep tabs on the many different ways that
audiences can view the Winter Olympics from Vancouver
and follow the action online and on their mobile devices. It
has also purchased the services of Keller Fay, which
specializes in word-of-mouth, to monitor conversations on
social networking sites and in real life.

Each day, the network intends to release a “total
audience measurement index” (TAMi) to tally how many
people watched the Games on the various platforms. That
information will also be supplemented by interviews with
about 500 viewers each day to understand why a particular
platform was chosen.

Arbitron’s Portable People Meter will be part of the
measurement technology, carried by about 2,000 persons.
Another 40 will be outfitted with a IMMI app that does
essentially the same thing as the PPM, read ambient noise
and identify the programming that the holder is exposed

In March, all this info will be compiled in a report available
to advertisers, to help them better target their audience in
future live events.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Minute To Win It Premiere on 3/14 Now 2 Hours


All-American Chef and Popular Television Personality Guy Fieri to Host

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIF. - February 16, 2010 - NBC adds more family fun to its upcoming Sunday night line-up by extending the premiere episode of its new primetime game show "Minute To Win It" to two hours on the previously announced date of Sunday, March 14 (7-9 p.m. ET).

The two-hour premiere episode of the third season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" will immediately follow from 9-11 p.m. ET.

Friday, February 12, 2010

NBC Offices Closed Monday

I've gotten an email from NBC reminding us Monday is President's Day and they won't be working. My guess is some high-ranking NBC folks will be traveling to Vancouver as well, so don't expect too much in the way of programming changes in the next two weeks.

Both the Birmingham and Las Vegas offices of ODI will be open on Monday, but my "mobile office" on Tuesday (and for up to 3 days after) will be in a jury pool room in a courthouse in lovely downtown Sin City, as per the posting below.

SNOW!! Birmingham Office Closed Early Today

HQ in Alabama is closing early today, at 2:30pm CST, due to "heavy" snowfall.

Heck, I've seen how people drive in Las Vegas when it RAINS.. I can imagine "Good Ol' Boys On Ice."

Need help this afternoon? Call me.

Tuesday, Feb 16th.. Jury Duty!!!

Let's see just how more corrupt market-driven the Las Vegas legal system has gotten since I last did jury duty in December 2006 during the release of November sweeps data.

Tuesday, I join the cattle stampede at the Courthouse. Because there are no income taxes in Nevada, this state uses drivers license information to draw potential jurors. So, folks who never register their vehicles or get licenses (a huge number in this market) are never called. Those of us left get called every three years. My first summons was for December 22nd, 2009 but I got it delayed this time.

I'll have access to my email, the web, and your servers by bringing two 3G laptops and my cell. I'll be able to work from the holding pen the jury pool waiting room. However, it will be tough to get me via voice.

So remember... email!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

French Open Booked in APT.. but..

It was already in RDRx NBC client inventories, as is Wimbledon.

If we waited for NBC APT bookings to sell sports... well, you know.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parenthood Repeats Saturdays in March & Sappy Stuff

The following will be booked:

Saturday, March 6th and 13th
8:00-9:00 PARENTHOOD (Repeat)

Sunday, March 7th
7:00-8:30 DATELINE (Repeat)
8:30-11:08 MOVIE: BAD BOYS II (Original)

These will be updated this afternoon. On any other day, I would stop what I'm doing and update my NBC clients right now. However, as today is my 10th anniversary of sobriety, I'll be joining a "Group Of Drunks" for lunch, thanking them for helping me stay alcohol-free during this past decade. I'm still suffering from the "genius is first cousin to madness" bug, but that's not all bad. :)

A personal word here: Thank you, Gene Greenberg and Dick Hollister, formerly of KVBC, Las Vegas. You saved my life in 2000.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jay Leno Show's Finale: "End of an Error"

February 9, 2010, 1:05 pm
Without Fanfare, Leno’s Prime-Time Show Ends

“The Jay Leno Show” ends quietly on Tuesday night, only five months after it had its premiere in prime time to great fanfare on NBC.

Mr. Leno’s guests will be Ashton Kutcher, Gabourey Sidibe and Bob Costas.

Next month Mr. Leno is returning to “The Tonight Show” at 11:35 p.m.

Last year NBC positioned the 10 p.m. comedy show as a transformative move for broadcast television, but the ratings were mediocre, hurting the local affiliates who make money from their 11 p.m. newscasts.

On Tuesday’s finale, according to Variety, “the pomp and circumstance will be nil. That’s intentional, as NBC is trying to rehab the images of both Leno and ‘The Tonight Show.’”

“It’ll be workmanlike and efficient — the Jay Leno way,” predicts.

NBC had planned to end Mr. Leno’s show on Thursday, but it moved up the finale by two days, most likely to capitalize on Tuesday’s big lead-in, “The Biggest Loser.”

In the place of “The Jay Leno Show,” NBC has scheduled reruns of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” on Wednesday and “The Office” on Thursday. The Winter Olympics begin on Friday.

It is the “end of an error,” the TV Guide Magazine critic Matt Roush tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

NBC Finale Dates Announced

Following is a partial list of NBC 2009-2010 season finale dates and times:
HEROES (2/8 9-10P)
TRAUMA (5/10 9-10P)
CHUCK (5/24 8-10P) (2-hour)
LAW & ORDER (5/24 10-11P)

BIGGEST LOSER (5/25 8-10P)

MERCY (5/12 8-9P)
LAW & ORDER SVU (5/19 10-11P)

COMMUNITY (5/20 8-8:30P)
THE OFFICE (5/20 9-9:30P)
30 ROCK (5/20 9:30-10P)


All RDRx NBC clients already have all finale dates as shown, with customized estimates, less than an hour after NBC's announcement.

Office Baby Drops in One Hour on March 4th

[02.08.10 - 09:26 AM]
Released by NBC

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - February 8, 2010 - NBC will broadcast the highly anticipated baby episode of "The Office" as a special one-hour show on Thursday, March 4 (9-10 p.m. ET) rather than as two separate half-hour episodes over two weeks as previously announced.

In the special hour-long episode of "The Office" titled "The Delivery Part 1 and 2," Pam's (Jenna Fischer) contractions begin but she and Jim (John Krasinski) are determined to wait it out as long as possible so they can have more time at the hospital. Meanwhile the rest of the office tries to distract Pam from the pain with food and entertainment.

In the second half hour, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) anxiously waits for Pam and Jim's baby to be born. Back at the office, Erin (Ellie Kemper) makes Andy (Ed Helms) jealous when she has lunch with Kevin (Brian Baumgartner).

From Deedle-Dee Productions, Reveille and Universal Media Studios comes the hilarious documentary-style look into the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the world of 9-to-5 in the half-hour comedy "The Office," based on the award-winning BBC hit.

Since its premiere on NBC in March 2005, "The Office" has established itself as a genuine hit, earning prestigious television honors such as the 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, 2006 Peabody Award, 2006 and 2008 AFI Honor, Producers Guild Award, Writers Guild Award, SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy, Ace Eddie Award for editing and a Television Critic's Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy.

"The Office" is executive-produced by Ben Silverman, Greg Daniels, who developed the series for American audiences, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Howard Klein and Paul Lieberstein.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Boyz II scheduled to air against Oscars

After a 1 hour Dateline, there's a 3 hour and 8 minute showing of Bad Boys II.

RDRx NBC clients already have this in their specials folder.

(On Feb 10th, this was changed to be a 90 minute Dateline and movie will run from 8:30-11:08p ET.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Golf Changes, too

Global Golf gets moved to the US Open weekend.

See inventory for details.

Opening Ceremony Repeat Moved Up on Friday, Feb 12

The double run of Jimmy Fallon announced last week has been cut short, now with just one hour after local news, then the Opening Ceremony repeat starts at 1235a/1135p.

I've also updated my clients on a number of sports changes made in 2nd Quarter.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of Post-Olympic Changes to Prime

8 nights of prime March through May have changed.. check back here later for a detailed list.

My NBC clients will now be updated.