Thursday, June 30, 2011

G4's ANW Hits NBC on 8/22

With Fear Factor coming back to NBC, G4's own take on reality-show machismo will see some Peacock NBCU time on Monday, the 22nd of August. Earlier episodes of American Ninja Warrior will be running on G4 between now and then.

Dew Sports Specials Skate Around Summer Schedule

Lots (sixteen different programs)of changes in July, August and September for NBC Sports Specials, announced late last night and early this morning.

Clients are being updated now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

WRCB: Local Television News Done Right

What happens to a local news audience when an "Act of God" life-changing event like tornadoes and floods first hit, then the community begins to recover in the first weeks, then gains it's feet and moves on in life?

My client WRCB now has the opportunity to examine the fruits of their own news-gathering labors during a time of great difficulty. On the eve of the first day of May Sweeps, storms ripped through their community. The weeks of recovery following fell within the May Sweeps, giving us this unique view.

Even after a quarter-century of looking at diary-based results, I was shocked to see the huge increase in young adult viewing SHARE increases for WRCB. Other stations in the market lost this share.

Normally, I have little use for July Sweeps, as stations know they are not kind to network prime and will be used against them in negotiations. But this year, the July 2012 Sweep will provide invaluable data on how WRCB can keep those new, young viewers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

May 2011 Data Arrives

Working on client server now.

Weekend Changes for NBC Prime

NBC changed Saturdays in August and September again, and once I find the May2011 data on WRCB's server, I'll include that in their update.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, Nielsen Changes Their Mind Again

Yep, Chattanooga data will be released late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

My premiere client, WRCB, will have full updates for their own inventory, and for competitive stations, within 8 working hours of that time.

Many Southern Markets Data Delayed By Nielsen

After we asked Nielsen yesterday why we weren't getting certain markets as scheduled, we were told yesterday by Nielsen that "on June 2nd, notice was posted.." etc.

This delay is obviously because of the horrific weather that ripped through the deep south in the first week of the May Sweeps. Diary-based research doesn't work when the mailbox is gone, and the postman doesn't come by anymore.

Well, my clients were just told on Friday. That's not June 2nd. I found out yesterday.

Speaking with sales managers yesterday in both Birmingham and Chattanooga, I discovered some stations in Birmingham may not want the book issued at all, and Chattanooga has been told to wait at least 10 more days for data.

This huge delay is what gives me the ability to offer the beta special below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 7 Tomorrow Night!

In what should be the highest rated NHL game of the year, Wednesday night will see the final game in the Stanley Cup.

Although neither the game nor future Wednesday night programming are mentioned in APT, I'll be "hiatusing" regular prime for this Wednesday, and RDRx clients will find Game Seven already in Specials Inventory... only this time, it won't have a Question Mark in the name.

11:30a Update: Affiliate traffic and sales will be preempting next Wednesday's SVU encore with an AmGtTalent hour. RDRx clients already have updated inventory and estimates in their MediaOffice systems.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NBC Summer Changes for Friends With Benefits

Just announced in the last few minutes on APT2Go, Friends With Benefits appears on Friday nights in August, even though they announced just yesterday it would run on Saturday.

More changes still coming.. I've seen new stuff three times today.

Every single local NBC station now has to make programming grids, inventory lines and audience estimate changes, now, again.

If you don't have a full time Research Director and you subscribe to MediaOffice, I can make those changes for you. Just call.

Added several hours later: Here's FutonCritic's coverage.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NBC/Comcast Buys Olympics Through 2020

NY Times article

Stanley Cup Game #5 Friday Night

Bruins won last night, so a Game 5 will be needed this Friday night.

What does your station's MediaOffice inventory say?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minute To Win It Replaced In Late June

Yep, that first hour of prime on Wednesdays has changed.

RDRx clients already have replacement programming in their MediaOffice inventory and new estimates... which are much easier to sell than MinToWin.