Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poker After Dark Vanishes on Saturdays, Too

Dawn update: Saturday night's PAD has now been replaced.

I'm going to guess that Heads Up Poker might also not come back next year, but I've yet to see anything to confirm it.

Wondering why this is all so hush hush and sudden? Full Tilt Poker, the sponsor of PAD, is not only being investigated for federal internet gambling practices, but in just the last 48 hours, the US government has claimed FTP is a "Ponzi scheme", with most of the cash players left in their accounts and thought was in reserve having been used for personal purposes by some at FTP.

Until Roberts&Company can figure out to whom they will sell 5.5 hours of NBC time per week, wine snobs can fill up their DVRs with In Wine Country reruns. I'll keep a close eye on APT, as NBC isn't going to be making any noise about this on their own.

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