Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poker After Dark Officially Removed TFN

This is just the latest update about NBC's quiet decision to stop airing the Full Tilt Poker-funded Poker After Dark which filled 5.5 hours of NBC network programming each week.

Posted: 09/27/2011 11:08:04 AM
Air Date: 10/08/2011 Saturday
Start Time: 01:32:00 AM [ET]
Duration: 00:30:00
Type: New Booking
Message: IN WINE COUNTRY (B) is booked on Saturday effective 10/8/11 - 12/17/11 and 1/7/12 - 9/22/12 and replaces second half-hour of TBA (previously Poker After Dark). Please see updated format and feed tabs for complete details. Until a permanent replacement is announced, two episodes of ‘In Wine Country’ will replace ‘Poker After Dark’, until further notice. Clearances for this time period to be assumed based upon previously advised clearances for Poker After Dark unless otherwise notified.

In my demographic opinion, advertising buys aiming at a young male audience on PAD might not be best served by airing in "In Wine Country."

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