Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunbelt Stations..

My Sunbelt clients may have to wait a while for their data and estimates; although I easily access their primary server through ODI's normal methods, the internal LAN Sunbelt IT maintains (and ODI servers use) has been down since last evening, from the many times I've checked since. Since I can't access the servers in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming where the data is kept, I'm pretty well SOL.

I've sent emails to my clients at each station, but as you might imagine, their email is on the same Sunbelt intraLAN, so this blog may be the only way they'll find out about it before Monday morning.

My Sunbelt clients have been using my program average-based estimates for nearly a decade. They've also had to deal with frequent IT outages. Heck, that's why I learned to build my own computers in 2001. Today, all 5 of the computers (except my laptop) I use in my business were custom built by me, and I'm a Microsoft Registered Partner. While waiting for the Sunbelt LAN to live again, and having to check frequently, I'll be installing Windows 7 on yet another PC I built from parts I purchased online.

Yet another weekend spent waiting for the IT crew... ahh, it brings back memories. Bad memories.

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