Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prime Changes for next Mon, Sat and Sunday

Oh man... would you believe they've changed Saturday night rerun lineups for the summer again?
Yep.. more sliding of Dick Wolfe tiles starting the 13th.

Plus, they've shortened the 2 two hour 10.5 Apocalypse into 1 THREE hour movie to air on Sunday, June 14th if they don't have Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. NBC didn't have much of a choice with 10.5, as an early start to Stanley Cup made previous plans a bit ungainly.

Next Monday's GetMeOutOfHere has been extended to two hours, nuking L&O:CI.

And, presumably, on the 12th, there will be a two hour Dateline after Howie's last airing. But heck... who knows? At least if there's a change, you'll read about it here within minutes.

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