Monday, June 15, 2009

KTVH, KPVI and KCWY Ready!

With a busy summer and fall schedule, NBC stations take about twice the amount of man-hours to custom install this May book compared to my Fox clients this sweep.

So I'm delighted to finish all three Sunbelt NBC stations this evening. Inventories have been published. Each station's GM/GSM has a Master Planner containing all non-sports inventory and estimates through March 2010.

These first planners, aside from Prime, are almost all pure May 2009 pure PAVs projected to future viewing levels. As you'll see, some dayparts beg for multiple-book averaging which I'll address with each of you. Prime and Specials are almost always a blend of PAVs , but have been updated to use May 09 data whenever possible.

I'll try to polish off KFXP now... but that's not NBC!

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