Thursday, May 18, 2017

Competitive Prime Planners Published

One cannot sell NBC Prime in a vacuum.  When pricing rare prime avails, it's important for local management to have a good idea of what their competition will have to offer during the same flights and what kind of ratings delivery (thus, CPP) is available elsewhere.

For planning purposes, during the short period between Upfront and the release of May Sweeps data, stations have a chance to get a look at their own 2018 competitive market, even before the budgeting process for next year begins.

So, each Upfront, I make a point of providing the best SWAG estimates I can come up with for not just NBC, but CBS, ABC, Fox and CW Prime in 4th and 1st Quarters.

This morning, CW was the last of the networks to release their 2017-2018 Prime schedule, and several hours later, the  resulting CW competitive inventory and Selling Book Estimates for NOVES and FEBES have been customized and published for use by WRCB.

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