Friday, April 15, 2016

CBS and FOX Announce NFL Schedule; NBC Silent

Yesterday, both CBS and FOX detailed their entire NFL schedule for advertisers.

Perhaps NBC is waiting until TGIF today to announce theirs, as the NFL has already published it.

My NBC clients get competitive estimates for Fox and CBS, and they are able to see when major games air against them.  But since the NFL has kindly listed all of the NBC match-ups, I'm entering those as well, while waiting for NBC's official notice. Looks like NBC does not get a New Year's Day game, but it does have a Christmas night game with Broncos @ KC.

Update on Friday, April 29th @ 4:55pm EDT..

The individual  NFL games now appear in APT.   I'm guessing we'll see a TGIF posting announcing that in the next two hours.  After all, it is Friday.

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