Monday, June 22, 2015

Here Comes the Fall Season in APT...

Posted: 06/22/2015 05:32:21 PM
Air Date: 09/21/2015 Monday
Start Time: 10:00:00 PM [ET]
Duration: 00:59:30
Type: New Booking
Message: BLINDSPOT is now booked 9/21 througjh 12/28. Please note: format is TBD.

Posted: 06/22/2015 05:30:35 PM
Air Date: 09/21/2015 Monday
Start Time: 08:00:00 PM [ET]
Show Name: THE VOICE
Duration: 02:00:00
Type: New Booking
Message: THE VOICE is now booked 9/21 through 12/14. Please note: format is TBD.

Just a hunch..  we can sorta work out which dates will be premiere episodes.  Good thing my clients already have these dates (thus far) in inventory already.

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