Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4th Quarter Sports Specials & Soccer Trickle Out

Not even APT2GO can keep up with all of the changes made to fourth quarter sports today; the "what's new" section truncates the changes announced before 10am EDT, so full access to APT is required to track down all the changes.

Good thing I have access to APT for my NBC clients, because they already have updated Sports inventory to match today's NBC announcements, as well as customized estimates with updated rationale.

Many of the programs announced today were already in inventory (my clients know it's still not booked in APT because there isn't a date listed in the Program Name field, the way all booked OTO programs are in our customized listings) already, on the very date, day and time of the broadcast.

When you've done this since 1998, you sorta know what to expect from NBC.

Sometimes.  As the name of the website indicates, there's only one thing to be sure of when it comes to NBC schedules..  they are NothingButChange.

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