Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NBC Sports & Olympics Research Jobs Appear

For a bunch of reasons, I've never been a fan of watching competitive sports on television.

When it comes to sports, I need extra assistance when trying to figure out future estimates.

This job posting from NBC this morning bring me hope for the future of local NBC stations selling NBC Sports.

It would be nice if NBC Sports would share some of the research this person gathers with non-O&O's.    NBC O&O's are now using WideOrbit/OneDomainInc (WOODI) software, managed from a central location by a team of professionals, to handle their own inventory and estimate needs

Even though they maintain them, the folks at 30 Rock aren't sharing their inventory files with non-O&O's..   but then again, I provide local stations with similar services, so I'm glad they didn't "snipe" my business.

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