Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NBC Gives Local Stations "Meet The Press" from 50 Years Ago

Posted: 08/20/2013 01:12:46 PM  Air Date: 08/25/2013 Sunday  Start Time: 06:00:00 AM [ET]   Show Name: OPTIONAL NETWORK OFFERING  Duration: 00:30:00  Type: New Booking 

Message: MEET THE PRESS SPECIAL EDITION: REMEMBERING THE DREAM: NBC is proud to offer this optional special edition of Meet The Press, originally broadcast on August 25, 1963.

There will be four feeds available (CH17); all stations MUST SWITCH LOCALLY. All inventory (three and a half minutes) will be for your local use and the special will be closed-captioned.

While the best time period is as a lead-in to the scheduled Meet the Press on Sunday 8/25, you may also air this program during the window beginning Sunday 8/25 through the end of the broadcast day in each time zone on Wednesday 8/28. Please see contingencies on this day for complete details. Please advise your NBC Clearance Rep of your airdate.  

 We get to go back fifty years ago this weekend to watch how Meet The Press covered the still upcoming March on Washington, led by Martin Luther King, Jr, just days before the "I Have A Dream" speech given after his group finished their march on August 28th.  

A political note:  No matter what your politics or feelings, take this opportunity to watch how people saw and discussed items of racism and economic opportunity in the early 1960's, before partisan sock puppets and corporate shills.  

A personal note:  On August 28th, 1963, I stood with my father on a curb in Washington DC, where he worked for the American Bar Association.  We watched MLK Jr. walk by.  I wish I remembered it better and I certainly couldn't see it well; I had yet to get glasses for my 20/200 vision.  But or a Roman Catholic white kid brought up in a lily-white world, this was the first of many events which rocked me.  Turns out, it was for the better.


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