Friday, October 19, 2012

When Was Your Inventory Last Updated?

This week, NBC has changed two nights of prime time scheduling. 

If your MediaOffice/WideOrbit Sales inventory hasn't been updated this week, your sales team is wasting their time selling from the old inventory. 

Your already sold clients aren't yet aware commercials won't run in programs you told them they would. 

Your traffic department has spots sitting in limbo. 

The amount of available inventory you think you have left before Election Day is wrong.

If your NBC Prime and Specials inventory doesn't have at least 50 programs airing in the future, you are not selling.. how can clients buy it if it's not on the menu?

If your NBC Sports and Sports Specials inventory isn't pushing 200 lines, you are missing out on revenue.

Go ahead.  Look.  If you aren't happy with what you see, contact

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