Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Sunday Night Prime Changes Again

Posted: 02/15/2012 05:36:50 PM
Air Date: 02/19/2012 Sunday
Start Time: 07:00:00 PM [ET]
Show Name: THE VOICE
Duration: 02:00:00
Type: New Booking
Message: THE VOICE is now booked. Please see schedule for format details.

Sunday Newspapers will be carrying TV listing books with a 2 hour Dateline because of the late date of this announcement. Traffic departments will have to tear apart Sunday's prelim log and begin again. Sales people who take responsibility for their clients' spot placement will work extra hours on Thursday for this.

All for something which will generate less than a 5 HH share.*

But at least four NBC stations have updated inventory and estimates if they wish to do the work.

(*By the way, you may wish to compare your own market's delivery of HH share when you get your own Feb2012 PAV info.)

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