Monday, December 26, 2011

KPNX+: First Draft of 1Q2012 Estimates Completed

When my new clients at KPNX+ come into work on Tuesday morning, senior sales management will find a 22 page PDF of the newly revised audience estimates awaiting their approval. Once given, I'll publish the new selling book for sales use.

While I have a moment, here's something to give new clients a head start.

RDRx client stations are best served when ODI Research has access to the following station information:

* A copy of the Media Kit sent out to all agencies and rep firms. Oh, and I wear XL t-shirts with logos of my clients proudly.

* A copy of your current rate card, with the actual rates removed. We only handle currencies from Nielsen and Rentrak, not the US Treasury.

* A listing of all regional and local specials, such as pageants, parades, telethons, etc. I probably don't know about the Pet Parade or Miss Mudd City.

* If your RDRx service includes sports, a listing of all your local/regional/syndicated sports events, specials or programs, as well as sources for updates of teams/times/dates.

* Please add us to traffic email lists that include urgent alerts about changing programming, but if you copy us with everything, it's possible we might miss something you know is important, but we don't.

* Give Maria a call in New York City and ask her to add your station to OneDomain Research's encrypted APT account. This is essential if you are not in Eastern Time Zones in a state that uses Daylight Savings Time.

* Ask your station IT department to share a document folder on the MediaOffice server with the desktop computers of senior sales management, so they can access all reports and planners created for their station by RDRx with ease.

* Remind your sales staff that RSS alerts are available from, notifying them via PC, iPhone and Android smartphones each time this website is updated.

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