Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, Feb 16th.. Jury Duty!!!

Let's see just how more corrupt market-driven the Las Vegas legal system has gotten since I last did jury duty in December 2006 during the release of November sweeps data.

Tuesday, I join the cattle stampede at the Courthouse. Because there are no income taxes in Nevada, this state uses drivers license information to draw potential jurors. So, folks who never register their vehicles or get licenses (a huge number in this market) are never called. Those of us left get called every three years. My first summons was for December 22nd, 2009 but I got it delayed this time.

I'll have access to my email, the web, and your servers by bringing two 3G laptops and my cell. I'll be able to work from the holding pen the jury pool waiting room. However, it will be tough to get me via voice.

So remember... email!

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