Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SpotsNDots: NBC Using Arbitron PPM for Olympic Audience Measurement

NBC has hired six different research firms, including
Nielsen, Arbitron and Integrated Media Marketing
(IMMI) to keep tabs on the many different ways that
audiences can view the Winter Olympics from Vancouver
and follow the action online and on their mobile devices. It
has also purchased the services of Keller Fay, which
specializes in word-of-mouth, to monitor conversations on
social networking sites and in real life.

Each day, the network intends to release a “total
audience measurement index” (TAMi) to tally how many
people watched the Games on the various platforms. That
information will also be supplemented by interviews with
about 500 viewers each day to understand why a particular
platform was chosen.

Arbitron’s Portable People Meter will be part of the
measurement technology, carried by about 2,000 persons.
Another 40 will be outfitted with a IMMI app that does
essentially the same thing as the PPM, read ambient noise
and identify the programming that the holder is exposed

In March, all this info will be compiled in a report available
to advertisers, to help them better target their audience in
future live events.

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