Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chattanooga Update and an FYI for Mountain State RDRx Clients

Ok, I'm confused and it shouldn't be this difficult.

Chattanooga printed copy books WERE shipped yesterday, but not the DVDs, according to Birmingham. So, we're all waiting. Hey, I would have been done by now had the data been here this morning. [sigh]

Attention Mountain Time Clients: I called the Nielsen Book Hotline again today and the message recorded at 4pm Florida time today said Casper, Pocatello and Helena *books* will be shipped today, which is a day ahead of schedule. Since Sunbelt has switched to WideOrbit Sales starting with November 09 data, they should contact WideOrbit per the method WideOrbit has recommended. But just in case...

(from that page)
For Support On All Other WideOrbit Products:
Normal business hours are 5:00AM PST to 6:00PM PST.

* Please phone +1.415.675.6775

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