Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Presidential Address PreEmpts Leno Tuesday, December 1st

On Tuesday December 1, President Obama will be making an address to the nation. Therefore, the next to last episode of the current cycle of THE BIGGEST LOSER will air from 9-11PM ET on 12/1. As this is a very important episode the week before the highly anticipated live finale and the 2-hour format at this late stage does not lend itself to re-editing, it will just slide later by an hour. THE JAY LENO SHOW will be pre-empted for this night only.

The following will be booked:

Tuesday, December 1st
8:00-9:00 NBC News Special: Presidential Address To The Nation
9:00-11:00 THE BIGGEST LOSER (Original) (2-hours)

Mountain and Pacific Time Zone Stations Prime Lineup for 12/1 Will Be:

DATELINE (repeat)
THE BIGGEST LOSER (Original) (2-hours)

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