Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiting for July Sweeps Data? Read this...

The July data is looking very interesting... I'm seeing pretty broad viewing level increases versus last summer, and summer broadcast TV shares seem to be on the rebound. At this point, I've only done new JULYES Selling Book estimates with LPM data for an ABC and diary data for a Fox, so I don't have a sense how NBC is looking yet.

Chattanooga, the Nielsen DVDs with your data are *due* to be given to Fedex on Monday for delivery to Birmingham Tuesday morning. By lunchtime your time, you'll be able to see the data and by the end of the day, you'll have an updated JULYES Selling Book, with specials and sports updated to reflect the latest shares.

But... it's possible Nielsen may ship early... as soon as tonight. If that happens, the data will be available on Monday morning. If this was a major sweep book, I would be pestering my co-workers in Birmingham to come in on their weekend off to load the hard copy DVD onto our servers, then transfer the data to yours, allowing me to work over the weekend on your data instead of beginning Monday. It's the way I am.. and I constantly apologize for my um, zeal to Alex Lacy, the master of data at ODI.

My clients in Idaho, Florida, Mississippi, Wyoming, Alabama and Montana should have data delivered in the middle to end of next week. I don't expect to see any Sunbelt or Raycom data until at least Wednesday.

However, this is Nielsen's LAST round EVER of sending out physical DVD copies to processors like OneDomain; beginning with November 09 Sweep data, it will all be sent digitally, through the internet, directly to our servers, then installed on your machines the SAME DAY.

No more Fedex roulette... it's not like Fedex doesn't already have challenges in the week before Christmas, but asking them to hand-deliver hard copies of incredibly expensive, perishable and competitively critical information in the middle of the Christmas season and holiday traffic/travel has always been problematic.

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