Monday, August 3, 2009

New Offices, New Attitude & NBC Changes September Prime

With almost zero downtime, my hard-working associates in Birmingham, Alabama have moved across town to a new lakeside location. Friday afternoon, everything got shut down but already today, Monday August 3rd, we're back to business as usual.

Here in Las Vegas, I'm now just finishing my massive office upgrade.. I'll be sending some photos out to those who are interested.. as well as my co-workers. I may not have a lakeside view, but they don't have water-cooled, 142% overclocked 8 core CPUs with 12 gigs of RAM, SSD drives and both Quad SLI AND SLI video(yes, six GPUs) going in the same computer and displayed on monitors 6 feet, 4 inches wide. And that's just one of, ahem, 6 computers in this room.

I have access to all of my clients today, and it's a good thing, as NBC has shuffled Parks and Rec repeats as well as added a two hour Dateline to Jay Leno's first Friday night. I'll start work on these this afternoon.

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