Thursday, August 27, 2009

July Installs Complete

Very early this morning, I finished the last four of my clients' July installs. Everyone has a new JULYES Selling Book, using JULY 09 PVT levels and JULY 09 PAV shares whenever possible. In addition, I've updated sports to reflect higher July 09 PVT levels than JULY 08 previously used in SPORTES selling books.

The July book is commonly thought of as a throw-away at local stations.. it shows local TV and network at their worst performance of the year, and plays right into the hands of basic cable who treats it as their perfect opportunity.

In addition, most agencies try to ignore the July books unless in negotiations, so it's understandable why stations largely ignore this data.

What a shame. For the next five weeks, local TV salespeople have, without question, the most detailed, accurate, trusted, most recent and expensive in-depth survey possible; a huge sample of your advertisers' potential and returning customers personal, private behavior done behind closed doors in the last 7 weeks, during this "one of a kind Summer of Recession" (I also write Lexus ads).

In smaller markets, where the July book is often totally ignored, the sample size in diaries divided by DMA household is simply staggering. But.. I'm beating a dead horse. Use the July book for local, direct sales with business decision makers who are actively seeking a way to survive this summer, ok?

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