Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So, What Will NBC Air @ 8pm on Fridays This Summer?

Last night's announcement that Dateline is moving its two hour broadcast from 8-10p to 9-11p bumps out Brian Williams' Rock Center hour, but APT shows the entire summer, from June 28th until September 20th, with TBA at 8pm.

NBC is already re-running the America's Got Talent encore twice each week, so adding a third repeat is a technical possibility.  Stupid, but possible.

Extending Dateline to three hours is also possible and would be the cheapest way to duck and cover through the summer.

Or, we could see it change each Thursday afternoon, just because NBC can.

What's your guess?

As I look at the schedule, I'm tempted to predict NBC will fill it with 3rd run Off Their Rockers.  They'll want to burn these off while Betty is hot..  and (sigh) still with us.

While you're at it, guess what NBC will air on Monday, June 24th if there is no Game 6.   APT shows this TBA as well.

Update: CAMP encores fill Friday nights at 8pm, and if there is no Game 6, we get a repeat of the AMT premiere.

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