Friday, September 21, 2012

NBC Moving Many Start Times Back 1 Minute..

Perhaps it's a new technique brought in by the new boss, but many half hour shows now start at :01 or :31.

Consider how this will impact various methodologies:

  •  LPM meters will have no problem with this
  • Rentrak and other all-digital systems should do as well as LPM
  • HH Meters?  Ahh...  devices made using 70's technology and time-keeping.. and they use..
  • Diaries for demographics are very forgiving.  Those diary keepers who do enter viewing live (bless their rare hearts) aren't checking digital clocks for precision..  they focus more on program names. 

 For diary markets especially, it will be interesting to see how NBC changes how they use the critical 5 minutes before and after each quarter-hour with this new shift.

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