Tuesday, January 24, 2012

*All* APT2Go Posts About GOP Debate Vanish

12 Step Programs have a great suggestion: "Restraint of tongue and pen." In my case, it needs to be updated to include computer keyboards.

There are times I type before I think. Sometimes, white-hot text ends up being published here on NothingButChange.com, but only before it gets deleted from public view when I realize how silly/angry/useless my frustration on behalf of NBC local sales is. But it's never because I'm embarrassed about the decisions I've made; it's about how I said them.

Who knew that NBC would do a revisionist history regarding Monday night's GOP debate scheduling fiasco? I'm sure it's not about the coverage; it's about how they handled the On/Off/On/ItNeverHappened communication with affiliates.

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