Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rock Center w/BW Premieres 10/31; Airs Thru January

03:19:57 PM

10/31/2011 Monday 10:00:00 PM
[ET] ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS 00:59:30 New Booking ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS is booked on Monday 10/31/11 thru 1/30/12. This booking overrides all previously issued bookings, formats, and details. Please see individual airdate for updated information

Both the premiere episode on 10/31 and regular prime airings are already in RDRx Premium client inventories with updated audience estimates.

If your station's avails show Playboy Club and don't show Rock Center, you might need our help. Please visit RDRx.TV for more info.

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