Monday, June 27, 2011

WRCB: Local Television News Done Right

What happens to a local news audience when an "Act of God" life-changing event like tornadoes and floods first hit, then the community begins to recover in the first weeks, then gains it's feet and moves on in life?

My client WRCB now has the opportunity to examine the fruits of their own news-gathering labors during a time of great difficulty. On the eve of the first day of May Sweeps, storms ripped through their community. The weeks of recovery following fell within the May Sweeps, giving us this unique view.

Even after a quarter-century of looking at diary-based results, I was shocked to see the huge increase in young adult viewing SHARE increases for WRCB. Other stations in the market lost this share.

Normally, I have little use for July Sweeps, as stations know they are not kind to network prime and will be used against them in negotiations. But this year, the July 2012 Sweep will provide invaluable data on how WRCB can keep those new, young viewers.

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