Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Many Southern Markets Data Delayed By Nielsen

After we asked Nielsen yesterday why we weren't getting certain markets as scheduled, we were told yesterday by Nielsen that "on June 2nd, notice was posted.." etc.

This delay is obviously because of the horrific weather that ripped through the deep south in the first week of the May Sweeps. Diary-based research doesn't work when the mailbox is gone, and the postman doesn't come by anymore.

Well, my clients were just told on Friday. That's not June 2nd. I found out yesterday.

Speaking with sales managers yesterday in both Birmingham and Chattanooga, I discovered some stations in Birmingham may not want the book issued at all, and Chattanooga has been told to wait at least 10 more days for data.

This huge delay is what gives me the ability to offer the beta special below.

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