Monday, February 7, 2011

We Love You, Maria.....

It's not the usual day a guy can look at a computer screen at his home office, and sigh and say out loud (presumably to himself) "I love you, Maria.." and then have his wife walk up from behind, and hear her say "yeah, I loved working with her, too." (she was an GE FMP and worked with Maria for about 6 years)

Without Maria's kind guidance, most NBC stations would be totally SOL re: NBC Sports. If you don't know which Maria we're talking about, you aren't an NBC affiliate.

If you are an NBC affiliate, and don't have an RD or RDRx service, you're missing out on hundreds of sports events each year. Give your OneDomain rep a call and we can get you on the road to actually selling the little gems Maria provides.

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