Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golf Contingencies for this weekend

Please note: For Monday, 5/10 Golf on NBC is possible: In the unlikely event a winner cannot be determined on Sunday 5/9 (due to either weather, delayed play or darkness) the conclusion of the tournament will be held on Monday 5/10 and televised on NBC at 10am in each time zone. NOTE: If 2 or more players are tied after 18 holes on Sunday, play goes immediately into Sudden Death. Daylight permitting, they will play as many Sudden Death holes as needed on Sunday. Sunset at the site of play is at apx 8:08pm ET. Please see updated operating conditions for this day.

I admit I don't watch golf, but I will keep an eye on this Sunday afternoon/evening and post a heads up. If there's no Monday airing, you won't see anything else.

It's Spring, and life is good.

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