Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Master Planner Sent.....

It's always a pleasure to work with Ralph Flynn, and he seems to tolerate my work.
(Actually, it's his kind words you see both on the OneDomain homepage as well as in my profile on each RDRx blog page I maintain.)

So, I'm delighted to send a fully customized Master Planner for WRCB based on February 2010 PAV shares, yet buffered for anticipated summer viewing, on the same business day the data arrived in our Birmingham, AL headquarters, 3000 miles from here.

Premium RDRx clients like WRCB get a preliminary Master Planner even before the estimates are published and made available to sales staff, so savvy managers like Ralph have a heads-up FIRST. Tomorrow morning, after Ralph has looked at these numbers and given me feedback, I'll return to his system, tweak per our discussions and tomorrow his sales people will have rock-solid avails and estimates within 24 hours of the data arrival.

Want your TV station to get this kind of treatment? Just ask me for a quote.

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