Friday, May 29, 2009

19 Major Changes To NBC Summer Announced

Yep, it must be Friday afternoon in New York City. NBC has just announced another shake-up of Summer Prime... including the evaporation of summer runs of canceled NBC shows like Earl and Medium.

Earliest change you'll see is in June with 30 Rock filling in for Earl in first hour of Thursday prime, but you'll also see lots of SNL Specials and even encores of America's Got Talent added.

My premiere clients will be changed this afternoon. But since this will take at least 90 minutes per station, not everyone will have new schedules before they go home tonight. So fire up MediaOffice Monday morning and look for all the changes.

Remember, if you don't close and re-start MediaOffice, you'll not see the latest updates.

(Oh, and this announcement doesn't mention where 10.5, originally scheduled for June 7th, is going)

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