Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tomorrow! Kath & Kim out; Earl in 830p/730p Thursday 1/15

Sort of a stealth programming change, NBC... Sneaky!

East and Central Time Zones have to JIP Earl at 8:15/7:15p because of W's TV swan-song.
Mountain and Central Times will run the "15 minutes" live before prime.

However, NBC has replaced Kath & Kim at the :30 with another My Name is Earl for ALL time zones. If your client specifically bought K&K, you'll need to review the first item in your Specials & OTO delivery to see how this replacement will do compared to K&K.

Of course, all of these changes are already in your ClearView system. But you'll have to close ClearView and re-open it to see changes made since you last fired CV up.

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Paul A. Heine said...

Oh, and this is an OTO. K&K continues to air for several weeks, but not tomorrow.