Sunday, March 25, 2018

Waiting for February Data No Longer

Since WideOrbit isn't sending out emails upon uploading new Nielsen data, I was caught flat-footed in December when the November data was released.  The same evening I took my wife to the hospital for a massive seizure and possibly a stroke, I discovered data waiting for my work.

For the next three days, I was either working on November based estimates or was at my wife's bedside at the hospital, where we were both exposed to the worst of the flu and pneumonia going around this winter.  Both of us got the flu, and I got pneumonia.  Karen was advised to stop all video gaming and kept from driving for 90 days.

This sweep, Karen is allowed to drive and I'm checking the WideOrbit server every few hours during this typical weekend of data release for Chattanooga.

While waiting, I've updated competitive prime and specials for CBS, FOX, ABC and CW.   Summer schedules keep dribbling out, so that's work in progress.

Happy Palm Sunday! 

Update:  Data arrived without notification sometime between 9-11pm EDT on the WRCB server.  Three hours later, I've installed the February 18 PAV for WRCB, and have updated the FEBES selling book to reflect Feb Sweeps shares.  In looking at Olympic ratings, I'm seeing NICE numbers, and astonishingly close to my previous estimates, with fewer 50+ than I expected.  Seems the Boomers have found streaming if they can't see their favorite shows, but more research will have to prove that out.

Tomorrow, I'll update the competitive stations, and I'll complete my individual comparison of each day's Olympic programming's estimate and the actual delivery.  I can't get better if I don't recognize my mistakes and learn from them.

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