Sunday, March 26, 2017

Still No Feb17 Data via WideOrbit

Keeping a watchful eye.  Historically, WO has enjoyed delivering Chattanooga late on Sundays as much as 30 Rock enjoys massive program changes just before TGIF.

Update @ 7:34pm PDT
Gee Whiz...  an email sent at 10:29pm EDT from WO's automailer.  I wonder what's just arrived.

Monday Update...  it arrived late last night, and I updated client inventories and estimates impacted by Feb17 PAV information.

Clients also have had their competitive estimates updated.  However, the most recent sample is full of seemingly unexplainable demographic shares which suggests a weighting or sample issue has been magnified, frequently throughout the book.

What that means to advertisers is that stations, knowingly or not, can use a misleading "audience projection" of a Feb17 share to a May16 or July 16 or Nov16 viewing level and officially project future ratings delivery.  Sales people love high numbers, which deliver low CPP.

Sadly, promises built on shaky data seldom deliver, and when the post-delivery analysis happens, bad things follow. That's where Selling Book Estimates help everyone. 

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