Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NHL Hockey Special Events Posted on APT

Posted: 06/25/2014 01:34:36 PM
Type: New Booking
Message: NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE 2014-2015: The following regular season games are now booked: Fri 11/28/14 - NY Rangers @ Philadelphia and Thu 1/1/15 -  NHL Winter Classic: Chicago @ Washington. Please see contingencies for further details and impact to other dayparts. Please advise clearance.

Both of these games have been in client inventories since their last airing in 2013 and on New Year's Day 2014.  If these events haven't been in your 4th and 1st Quarter Avails until now, you need our service.

By the way, the post forgets this info:  run times are 1-pm ET, live to all time zones.

There are going to be some confused and hung-over folks waking up in Hawaii on 1/1/15 and seeing live hockey on their morning TV sets.   During a visit to client KPOI-FM in the early 1980's, I woke up very early in my hotel room one morning, turned on the TV and watched a live telecast of the LaGrange Pet Parade on WGN before dawn Hawaii time...  sorta odd, as I had marched in that parade several times in my childhood and I remembered the mid-day June heat in suburban Chicago.  To look out and see Waikiki Beach before dawn while looking at live shots of my childhood hometown seemed very futuristic.  

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