Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Real Oath of Office on Sunday, January 20th

Watch President Obama take the oath of office, officially, for the third out of a soon-to-be record four times.*  The constitution says he's gotta be re-upped on Sunday, but the big event for the public is the next day, making it a total of 4 times George Wallace will roll in his grave.

Posted: 01/09/2013 07:10:24 PM
Air Date: 01/20/2013 Sunday
Start Time: 11:55:00 AM [ET]
Duration: 00:15:00
Type: New Booking
Message: NBC News will provide an optional NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: V.P & PRESIDENTIAL OATH. Stations in Non-Net service should switch locally to CH15 if you want to take this feed. Please see contingencies on Sunday 1/20 for further details.

*They had to do a re-do back in 2009, thanks to a slip up.

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