Monday, April 23, 2012

Finale Dates and May Changes Announced

Posted: 04/23/2012 03:42:45 PM
Type: Announcements
Message: The NBC 2011-2012 SEASON FINALES is now posted. To display, click on the "R" on this report or click on the report title under Affiliate Relations quick link

Posted: 04/23/2012 03:41:20 PM
Air Date: 05/08/2012 Tuesday
Start Time: 09:00:00 PM [ET]
Show Name: THE VOICE
Duration: 01:59:30
Type: New Booking
Message: THE VOICE is booked.

Posted: 04/23/2012 03:40:21 PM
Air Date: 05/08/2012 Tuesday
Start Time: 08:00:00 PM [ET]
Duration: 01:00:00
Type: New Booking
Message: FASHION STAR is booked.

Gannett and Sarkes Tarzian stations have already been updated.

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