Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soft-Money Robo-Calls Jam RDRx Phone Lines til 11/2

Nutshell: Use email to reach me for a couple of weeks.. If you telephone, you might get lost in the Nevada Political BS.


Wow, with all the money being spent on political advertising, you would think they could get better automated calling systems. Our offices are getting several calls each hour from various political and "research" organizations. That's what you get for having a published phone number in these days of politics by checkbook, I suppose.

So, from now through November 2nd, the direct phone line number you've previously been given will be answered by voicemail at all hours, instead of just Midnight til 8am. I simply don't have the time to answer, repeat my greeting and then wait for some crappy tape recording of "Hello, I'm with GPS Research.. did you know Harry Reid.." Click.

My knickers are in a twist for a couple of reasons. I have a BA degree in Political Science and have managed (winning) political campaigns long ago. But most of all, I hate the fake "research" companies... if there were humans actually calling from those lie-foundries, they would hang up on ME after a few moments.

Added the next day: Honest, I didn't know GPS Research was really Karl Rove's slushfund. I just knew they stunk... now I know why.

Added the weekend after the election: Funny, the Republicans don't seem to be interested in my opinion anymore. Phone lines return to normal.

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