Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tiger Returns to NBC Sports

Feb 28 and March 1, the Accenture Match Play will mark the return of Tiger Woods after a long recovery from knee surgery. NBC affiliates should be VERY happy, as Tiger draws young men and women unlike any other golfer.

Now, how do I estimate the return audience for Tiger? Simple. I did my research, and found there was a single PAV from years ago which best duplicated this story. It's not even from NBC.. but my clients can find out what it is by looking at the Logic Flow or Rationale of the two inventory lines.

Some of my clients have noted I've "capped" select, discrete demographics in some heavily anticipated specials and sports; the building blocks Nielsen uses to generate "money" demos. This happens when weighting and indexing takes demographic shares to unreasonable levels (over 100.) If you see one or two demo segments indexed down individually, this is the reason.

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